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Real Grade (RG) is a line of Gunpla kits manufactured by Bandai.


  • Scale: 1/144, None for Other Franchises
  • Started: 2010
  • Tagline: "Excitement Embodied"
  • Includes: Universal Century and Alternate Timeline Mobile Suits and Support Units (in the case of the RG Skygrasper)

Box Blurb[]

Real Grade is designed to recreate the "real thing" with fine details and an abundance of color parts. Moveable parts with the widest possible range of movement are equipped on a pre-assembled inner frame that only requires cutting out. Real Grade offers the joy and excitement of building a mobile suit, and a plethora of gimmicks packed in a palm-sized 1/144 model, for all generations of Gundam-lovers.


NOTE: Gunpla lineups are based in order of release.

This list is constantly updating due to being an ongoing line.


Non-Gundam Franchises[]

Neon Genesis Evangelion[]

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar[]


  • The RG line was started in 2010 as part of the Gundam 30th Anniversary Commemoration Project of Bandai.
  • RGs are meant to represent a mobile suit's aesthetics if it was built on the present day.
  • RGs make use of the Advanced MS Joint for the models' inner frames. These are pre-assembled parts on a single runner, contributing to an easier assembly. However, recent releases feature less of this, e.g. in the RG RX-93 ν Gundam, the Advanced MS Joint parts are only used for the fin funnels.
  • RGs are generally known to be well-detailed kits with faithful parts separation, i.e. little to no use of foil stickers for color correction. Metallic stickers are provided, though, in order to apply accents throughout each kit, usually for the inner frames.
  • RG kits also include sticker decals described as "Realistic" in marketing materials.
  • The RG line combines aspects from other Gunpla lines: the compact size and relative affordability of High Grades, complete inner frames found in Master Grades, and high level of detail found in Perfect Grades.
  • RGs generally feature an opening cockpit hatch gimmick, but does not include a sitting pilot figure (unlike MGs).
  • Starting from 2020, the RG line branched off outside the Gundam franchise with the release of the RG Evangelion Unit-01.
  • Following the reorganization of Bandai Namco Group, box covers of reissue and future release of kits from September 2018 onward feature blue Bandai logo instead of the original red logo.

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