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The Master Grade Extreme (MGEX) RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Ver. Ka) is a 1/100 scale kit released in 2020.


  • Unicorn Gundam
    • 2 pairs of Beam Saber hilts
    • 1/100 Banagher Links figurine (sitting)
    • Manipulators
      • Trigger-finger hand (1 pair)
      • Poseable hand (1 pair)
      • Closed fist (1 pair)
    • Cockpits
      • Unicorn Mode
      • Destroy Mode
  • Beam Magnum
    • Extra ammo pack x2
  • 3 Shields
  • Hyper Bazooka
  • 3 pairs of Beam Gatling Guns
  • MS Cage/Display Stand
  • Display stand for Shield/Beam Gatling Guns x3
  • 1/100 figurines
    • Banagher Links (standing)
    • Cardeas Vist (standing)
    • Cardeas Vist (dramatic)
    • Mineva Lao Zabi/Audrey Burne
    • Marida Cruz/Ple-Twelve

Kit Features & Gimmicks

  • The inner cockpit compartment can be built with Unicorn or Destroy mode pieces.


  • The head can rotate, tilt, and move up/down.
  • Upper torso can slightly bend forward and tilt sideways.
  • Shoulder joints can swing forward.
  • The arms can...
    • Swing on a peg-and-socket joint.
    • Raise horizontally.
  • Upper arms can rotate below the shoulder.
  • The elbows and knees can be bent up to about 165 degrees.
  • The manipulators...
    • Can swivel on a ball-and-socket joint.
    • Feature 3+1+1 articulation on each of the Emotion Manipulators' finger.
  • The waist can rotate. (Only 90 degrees to prevent any possible damage for the LED straps.)
  • Front, side, and rear skirt armors are poseable via ball-and-socket joints, to avoid interference with the leg articulation.
  • The upper thigh joints can swing frontwards/backwards, raise horizontally and/or rotate on each piece.
  • The elbows and knees can be bent up to about 165 degrees.
  • The ankles can be bent forward/backward and tilt sideways.

Weapons/Other Gimmicks

  • The hands are swappable.
  • Any of the weapons can be wielded by the emotion manipulator hands. (For ranged weapons, you must use the trigger-finger hands for gripping stability.
  • Unicorn Gundam can be transformed between Unicorn and Destroy mode.
  • The cockpit hatch can be opened/closed.
  • Beam Magnum can be held in the either hand. Secondary handle can be deployed for holding the weapon with both hands.
    • Beam Magnum can be stored on either forearm or on the backpack.
    • Ammo pack can be detached.
      • The three ammo packs can be connected to form a single high-capacity ammo pack.
  • Hyper Bazooka can be held in either hand.
    • Hyper Bazooka can be stored on the backpack.
    • Ammo pack can be detached. A different rear part will be required when displaying the Bazooka without ammo.
  • A beam saber can be held in each hand.
    • Alternatively, the beam effect parts can be attached to the hilts on the forearm to form the Beam Tonfas.
  • A shield can be attached to either forearm. This will require some parts swapping in order to connect the light piping mechanism of the shield to the main body.
    • The shield can be transformed between Unicorn and Destroy mode to match the MS itself.
    • A pair of Beam Gatling Guns can be attached to the shield before connecting it to the forearm.
  • The model can be mounted on the provided Display Base. This is required if the builder wants to use the lighting gimmick.
    • The angle and height of the support arm can be adjusted to accommodate aerial poses.
    • The MS Cage and the individual stands for the Shield/Gatling Gun can be attached to/detached from the Display Base.
    • The Beam Magnum and Hyper Bazooka can be stored on the Display Base.
    • Beam Saber effect parts can be stored underneath the base when not in use.
    • The MS Cage has a box for storing small parts (e.g. figurines, extra weapon handles) that are not in use.
    • Each Shield/Gatling Gun combo can be mounted on their dedicated stands. They can all be connected together using a provided connector part.
      • These can be attached to the back of the base for storage mode. The wiring for each is connected on a reel. This can be unwound, allowing various positions for each stand.
      • The stands can be attached together. This configuration is used for mounting the three Shield/Gatling Gun construction when combined.
  • Light-up Gimmick can be activated in a cycle:
    • First press - Eyes and head camera light up.
    • Second press - The psycho-frame lights up in pink color.
    • Third press - The psycho-frame lights turn green. A pulsating effect is activated when the model is left in this lighting mode after a few seconds.
    • Fourth press - The lighting cycles through the previous modes in order and then turn off.
    • If a shield is connected to the forearm, the psycho-frame on the shield lights up as well.
      • The same is true when the shields are connected via the stands.
    • Note: Light-up gimmick requires 3 AA batteries (sold separately).

Tips & Tricks

  • For better results, some or most of the details are needed to be applied and panel-lined with Gundam Markers and/or Mr. Color Paints.
  • Top coat (Mr. Hobby recommended) can be used to protect applied sticker/marking decals and if any, painted details.
    • If using matte/flat-finish top coat, it is advisable not to spray on the clear/translucent and the softer parts - can be done by masking or spraying top coat while the said parts are separated.
  • A higher degree of care is recommended when posing/transforming this model in order to reduce the risk of damaging the LED strip integrated into the whole kit. This is especially important for rotating parts (e.g. head, upper arms): while the joints allow full rotation, doing so will sever the LED strip in the respective area. The instruction manual indicates the recommended direction and range when moving these parts.

Notes & Trivia

  • This Gunpla is the first kit released for the Master Grade Extreme line.


Italicized item/s are exclusives.

  • A re-release with alternate packaging (see Gallery) depicting the MS in Unicorn Mode was made available via Premium Bandai and Gunpla EXPO 2020.
  • MGEX RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Ver. TWC) - The Gundam Base Limited



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