This item is an Add-on kit, which only comes with weapons, joint parts, and/or armor parts.

The HG Gundam SEED Custom Kit is a 1/144 scale freebie kit released in 2012 as a Hobby Japan exclusive freebie.


  • Grand Slam Sword
  • 4 pairs of Manipulator parts (square)
  • 2 and a pair of Manipulator parts (round)
  • Double-jointed knee parts
  • 4 Action Arm parts

Kit Features & Gimmicks

  • Grand Slam Sword can fold into storage mode.
  • Grand Slam Sword features a small tab that allows the RG Aile Strike Gundam to wield it securely.

Tips & Tricks

  • HG Aile Strike Gundam (or it's variant the Strike Rouge + IWSP), RG Aile Strike Gundam (or it's variants), & HGCE Aile Strike Gundam can wield the sword. (The RG can grip the sword with the sword's molded peg)
  • If you purchase multiple units of this kit, 2 or 4 Grand Slam swords can combine to each other in 3 different ways.
  • If you install the double-jointed knee joints on some kits like the HG Freedom Gundam, you need to flip it upside down.

Notes & Trivia

  • The Action Arm joints do not increase the kit's arm articulation.
  • Leg Joints may not be compatible with current HG SEED Destiny kits.