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The  High Grade Iron-Blooded Orphans (HGI-BO) ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Complete Set is a 1/144 scale kit released in 2016, as a Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusive.


  • Gundam Barbatos 1st - 4th Form
    • Mace
    • Extra left arm with Gauntlet
    • Long Sword
    • 4th Form shoulder armors
    • Sub-arms (Long, Short)
    • 2 Weapon Adapters
    • Smoothbore Gun
    • Wire Hook
    • 2nd Form Shoulder Armors
  • Gundam Barbatos 5th - 6th form
    • Large Special Mace
    • 2 arm mortars
    • 2 Autocannons
    • 1st-5th form feet parts
    • Reactive Armor
    • 5th form Ground Type feet parts
    • Poseable sub-arm
    • Boosters (with joints)
    • 6th form Chest Armor
    • Graze Ritter Shoulder Armors
    • 2 Backpack Adapters
    • 2 Schwalbe Graze Leg Boosters
    • Long Sword (with hilt)
  • CGS Mobile Worker

Kit Features & Gimmicks

  • General (shared with 2 molds):
    • Legs feature double-jointed knee parts for wider range of articulation.
    • Elbow joints can be bent into 120 degrees.
    • Shoulder socket joints can be pulled up for extra upwards articulation.
    • Upper torso can slightly tilt frontwards and backwards.
    • Backpack sub-arms can be deployed via parts swapping.
  • Gundam Barbatos 1st - 4th Form:
    • Includes an alternate left arm to create Gundam Barbatos 1st form.
    • A pair of Graze Shoulder Armors can be attached on the Shoulder joints.
    • The wire hook can be attached on the 1st form's left arm. (removal of the gauntlet & elbow guard is needed)
    • Mace , Smooth-bore Gun & Long Sword can be stored onto the backpack sub-arms with two adapters.
  • Gundam Barbatos 5th - 6th Form:
    • 5th Form: Arm Mortars + 4th Form Shoulder Armors + Normal Feet + Schwalbe Graze's leg boosters + joint part
    • 5th Form Ground Type: Arm Mortars or Autocannons + 4th form Shoulder Armors + Ground Type Feet
    • 6th Form: Arm Mortars or Autocannons + Graze Ritter Shoulder Armors + 6th Form Chest Armor + Ground Type Feet + Boosters
    • Large Special Mace can attach onto either of the the backpack sub-arms with special adapters.
    • Large Special Mace can be rearranged into attack mode via minor parts swapping.

Tips & Tricks

  • For better results, most/some of the details are needed to be applied/panel-lined with Gundam Markers and/or Mr. Color paints.

Release Dates

  1. July 20, 2016 (1st batch)
  2. August 19. 2016 (2nd batch)
  3. September 16, 2016 (3rd batch)
  4. June 2017 (Reissue)
  5. July 2017 (Reissue, 2nd batch)
  6. August 2017 (Reissue, 3rd Batch)

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