The Mobile Suit Option Set 1 & CGS Mobile Worker set is a 1/144 scale High Grade IRON-BLOODED ARMS add-on kit released in 2015.


  • 1 Smooth-bore Gun
  • 1 Lance
  • 1 Short-Barreled Rifle
  • 1 Shield
  • 1 CGS Mobile Worker 

Kit Features & Gimmicks

  • Smooth-bore Gun can attach to HG Gundam Barbatos.
  • Both the Lance and Short-barreled Rifle can attach together to form a Lance-Rifle for HG Schwalbe Graze.
    • The ammo pack from the Graze's rifle can be attached to the short-barreled rifle, and the joint piece can also be attached to the said rifle, albeit a bit loose.
  • The Shield (with joint piece) can attach to HG Graze and it's variants (excluding Schwalbe Graze, Graze Ein, & Geirail).

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